There are various steps to creating a brand, we’ve outlined some of the major ones here…..

4 Step Guide to Creating a Brand

One – Meet

First we meet up with you and listen to everything you’ve got to say about your product or brand, finding out all the interesting parts to it, finding out your key objectives, what you want to do with that brand, what your budget is, what your timings are etc. From that we build a brief for you, you may already have one, but if you haven’t then we can sit down and write it with you, a creative brief which we can both work from moving forward.

Two – Research

From the brief we go forward and start thinking about the product or the brand. We start resSteps to Creating a Brandearching your audience, your competitors, we create mood boards and inspiration touch points which we share with you and then have an overview meeting before we move to the next stage. In this meeting we check we’re on track, ticking off all the ideas we had from the brief. Once you’re happy with that we’ll go away and start creating the designs.

Three – Creating Designs

We then start to create ideas and designs to support all the objectives in the brief, we collaborate with the you during this process, we send over initial concepts and from there we develop the actual concepts.

Four – “the real nitty gritty” – Crafting Concepts

This stage involves refining the creative, making sure it covers every touch point and doing the more technical details, for example, refining the details on the back of a label, producing the artwork or doing the final retouch to imagery. This stage is more of the production side of things. Where things happen.

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