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About Our Video Production Company

We have over twenty years’ experience filming video content. Based in central London, we rely on a strong in-house team for our video production needs but we also look to a variety of experienced freelance professionals to help us deliver projects. This ensures that our video production services are fully scalable. We pride ourselves on finding the right cameraman, directors, motion graphics artists or copywriters for the job, regardless of any challenges or restrictions that are presented to us. Whilst we are based in London, we produce work for clients across the UK, around Europe and in the Far East.

More on Video Production

Video production is an exciting place to be. Developments in technology mean we can shoot with small crews. The price of production has lowered dramatically, so not only do you get more for your money, but you can also find a greater variety of up and coming new talent. The industry entry barriers are now so much lower, not just for operators, but clients as well.

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If you’re searching for a video production company with the experience, the knowhow and the sheer passion to create unmatchable video content, look no further than G&B Agency.

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