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The term ‘corporate video’ doesn’t really describe what the industry is doing anymore. It sounds a bit dull, doesn’t it.

However, nowadays it really does cover some incredibly exciting parts of the video content and production industry; from animation and event filming through to branded content and explainer videos, corporate videos can now be comprised of highly personalised stories that explain the unique culture of a company or their clients.

Sales and marketing videos don’t always need to be talking exclusively about the products themselves, but also about their benefits.

Corporate videos can take the form of a story. Your own story. Or perhaps you’d like an animated explainer video to explain its functionality and purpose.

Corporate video production really covers anything that’s non-broadcast. It could be content you are showing a client in a meeting, or it could be shown on a large screen at an event. Perhaps it’s even a video case study of a client using your product on location.

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Whatever your need, here at G&B Agency, we employ creatives who are award winning in their field. As an established corporate video company with decades of experience in working with businesses like yours, we are passionate about what we do. We are driven by wanting to make things better.

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corporate video
Corporate Video