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About Us:

G&B is a leading branding agency in London. With over two decades of experience in both branding and design, we draw upon the extensive skills of our design team, which is comprised of our core team of in-house designers along with a number of trusted, professional freelancers.

Though our roots are in the capital, our branding and design specialists have created remarkable graphics for companies in the UK and across the world.

Creating Great Brands

Everything starts with the brand. It’s the personality of the company. The tone of voice. It’s how the company interacts with its customers and through what channels.

Should you concentrate on print, social media, video content, TV or radio? Once you have discovered the essence of your brand, these kinds of marketing decisions will become clear. You’ll have a greater understanding of what type of imagery and copy is appropriate for your products and services, and you’ll be more selective about what you want your clients to hear.

If your brand is professional, concise and well-considered, you’ll avoid wasting money on marketing channels that aren’t appropriate to your products.

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Packaging Design

Packaging is a vital part of the branding process. Effective packaging needs to be clear and simple; it needs to reflect the product or service values, as well as the brand’s purpose. The difference between good packaging design and bad packaging design is reflected in its sales. If your product doesn’t engage or attract your audience, chances are you’re losing sales. Our design agency in London will make sure you stand out.

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Branding and Rebranding

Your brand is everything. It’s your entire business concept summed up in one, and it’s definitely worth spending time on. We work with you on your branding and rebranding to make sure that there is a clear message across the board, ensuring you appear professional, established and successful across all channels.

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Graphic Design

Graphics are used across all media platforms, online and offline. Whether our agency is designing an engaging poster for an event, revamping your stationery or brochure design, putting together a design for a website or creating designs for product packaging and signage, one thing remains the same – we need to make sure that your message is being conveyed to the audience simply, clearly, and in the most beautiful way possible.

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