Our Creative Agency Services

We are an experienced brand, design and video production agency. Our USP would be that we are a friendly team with lots of experience working with big household names, but also just as importantly with SME’s and start-ups. We feel passionate about what we do, and genuinely feel that great branding, design and video production really acts as the heart to any businesses success. If you can create an engaging personality for your company then you have a fighting chance of making it a success.

Our Creative Agency Services can be categorised into two main areas, Video Production and Branding and Design.

Video Production

Creative Agency Services

We have over twenty years experience filming video content. Developments in technology mean we can shoot with small crews and you get more for your money.

Branding and Design

Creative Agency Services

Everything starts with the brand. It’s the personality of the company. The tone of voice. It’s how the company interacts with it’s customers and through what channels.

creative agency services Video Production

Events, whether they are internal comms events or external sales events, they are great ways to create a lot of content.

creative agency services explainer video

Explainer videos do exactly what they say on the tin. Whether it’s live footage, or animation, it explains what your product or service does.

creative agency services animation

Animation is now a very reasonably priced option for most businesses in regards to explainer videos, animated promotional films.

creative agency services corporate video

Corporate video really does cover some incredibly exciting parts of the video content industry; from animation and event filming through to branded content and explainer videos.

creative agency services branded video content

All of our work here at G&B starts with the brand. Everything flows from there.

creative agency services branded branding and rebranding

Your brand is the sum of everything. Your product, your story, your culture, message, team, design, tone of voice.

creative agency services Packaging design

Packaging is a vital part of the branding mix. Within this noisy and overcrowded world of choice and messaging your brand needs to think beyond the shelf.

creative agency services branded branding Graphic design icon

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image and colour.