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Here our our top 5 characteristics of a great branding agency

  1. Your branding agency understands that branding is as much an internal exercises it is external. You have to get all of your colleagues on board with a brand refresh as you do your clients. If you don’t believe it within your brand, it has little chance in the outside world.
  2. Your brand needs to show that you are unique or different. Show a bit of personality. It’s not worth trying to shape a brand for your company if you don’t want to stand out. Avoid saying the same things as your competitors. It’s a busy marketplace out there so find your own voice.
  3. There needs to be consistency in your brand across all your comms channels. That doesn’t mean that your brand needs to be bland but just consistent with your tone of voice and imagery. Make sure your agency is producing a Brand Style Guide so everyone in your business stays on message.
  4. Make sure you do some basic research into; your competitors, how they are representing themselves in the marketplace and how they like to be communicated to, and finally where do you want to be in the future?
  5. Your branding agency needs to make sure you’re consistently evolving. Don’t just sit back and think it’s a once every three year process. Once you’re happy with your mission statement and the proof points that back this up, you should always be referencing this against how your company is growing and if your market is changing.

Here at G&B Agency we are are full service creative agency specialising in branding and design, please get in touch if you would like to know more or click here if you would like to see some of our branding work.

branding agency - models own
Branding work we did for Models Own
Branding agency - Will London
Branding work for advertising agency - Will London
Branding agency - GET FRUITY
Branding work for Get Fruity

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