Corporate video production drives traffic to your website!

If you are looking to drive traffic to your website then consider engaging video case studies as a way of attracting new customers. Google has a whole host of facts and figures telling us that viewers are likely to purchase or stay on the page which has video content.

One way you could achieve that is by using video storytelling or emotive video. A video that someone can relate to or invest in. The personal story of how you have helped a client or an inspiring story of how some-one has overcome the odds.

It’s these types of corporate videos with a strong line in storytelling that G&B Agency tries to make.

Corporate Video

Corporate video is now a huge and very competitive sector, with some amazing examples out there, we’ve picked out some of our favourite emotive corporate videos.


  1. Intel – meet the makers

    This smart corporate video tugs on the heart strings as Intel demonstrates how the Edison chip can be used to help others. The comments are filled with positive replies stating how people loved the advert, a great way to attract an audience!

  2. On Legacy — Artifact Uprising

    A very sweet corporate video demonstrating the power of visual storytelling. A video that will touch us all and persuade us to buy memory books for our kids!

  3. Google Maps – Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound

    A great video by Google. Making you aware of the huge impact Google Maps can make on a life.

  4. Reebok 25,915 Days

    A video that is not so emotive but more shocking. Giving you a moment of realisation on how important every day is.

  5. British Airways – The Welcome of Home

    A sweet video by British Airways, using visual storytelling that people can relate to, showing how their service can really impact a family.

Looking for more examples of corporate video? Check out our videos page!

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