Tips For Picking a Professional Video Production Agency

Producing a company video in order to market your organization or deliver a message to both potential and existing clients has proved to be a lucrative move for many businesses. Now include the opportunity to combine that video with your marketing campaign and the chances of gaining more exposure and reaching a wider audience substantially increase. However, before you embark on what can be a time consuming and expensive task if done improperly, there are a few things you may want to consider in regards to hiring a video production agency.

How Big of a Production Agency Do You Require?

You are unlikely to be shooting a Hollywood film, but by considering the size and type of a production firm you need will enable you to stay within your budget. There are benefits to working with a larger agency as they have access to more filming and editing equipment and a workforce that’s on the books full-time. The results will be impressive, but they come at a marginally higher cost.

Medium or small size production firms yield great results and keep the projects as lean as they can by using freelancers who are under film by film contract. These agencies probably get the core of their projects from small to medium-sized businesses and so, they will be used to working with minimal budgets. They can also provide an array of services such as video animation services, explainer videos and event filming

Assess The Portfolio

Any serious video production agency will be able to show you a portfolio or rather showreel of their recent projects. When you’ve refined the companies that fall within your budget, take a look at their showreel and assess the quality of the visuals, camera techniques, audio as well as the general production values.

The Video Format

It is also imperative that you ask about the video format as it could reflect the overall cost. Is spending on top of the line formats increase the response to your film and achieve the goals that you’ve established or will a less expensive option work just as well? A clip that needs to be broadcast on air has to be high-quality while a training video does not need to be top of the line. In the market today, HD or High Definition gives an ideal trade-off between cost and quality.

Is The Firm Professional?

Producing a professional corporate video is not just about pointing the camera at the subject and shooting. A substantial part of the project is in the pre-production stage and the agency you pick has to be professional in their approach. Once you have agreed on a budget, the producer should create a treatment, which is an outline of the shooting schedule as well the crew and equipment required.

This will ideally lay out the creative parts of your video including content and style. It’s important that you discuss this aspect with the director and producer so that you can ascertain they get a sense of what you want and whether they are up to the task. They need to give valuable input but not be too pushy and completely get rid of your ideas. Video production is a collaborative process and so, it’s important to ensure that you can work together.

Video Productions Agency shoot

Finding A Video Production Agency Online

Nowadays, everyone has become accustomed to finding what they want online and looking for a film production company is no exception to this rule. Why search online? Well, that’s because you will get an instant feel of the company’s professionalism depending on how their website looks and feels plus the information that they provide. You also get to see their portfolio, instantly gaining access to examples of what they can deliver.

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